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Tua Pride

A Queer owned and designed safe space

Tua Pride 

Welcome to Tua Pride, your go-to online spot for celebrating and supporting the LGBTQIA+ community! We’re all about inclusivity, spreading awareness, and empowering everyone to embrace their true selves. Dive into our vibrant world filled with exciting pride events, insightful blog posts, and a fabulous selection of pride-inspired merch. Come join the fun and show off your true colors with Tua Pride!

Tua Pride – your Pride

Hey there! I’m Lilia, a proud late-in-life queer who started Tua Pride in May 2023. Our mission? To be your go-to happy place for all things pride! We’re all about creating a safe, inclusive, and fabulously fun space where everyone feels welcome and celebrated. Join us in spreading the love and rocking that pride vibe! 🌈✨

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